Waterford Crystal
March 29 2001

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Dungarvan is in the distance.  Double click on this picture to get a full sized picture.  Forty shades of green.  Double click on this picture for a full sized view.
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Forty shades of green & cows grazing.  Double click here too. Waterford Crystal clock in the lobby of Waterford Crystal Factory.
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Replica of the crystal ball made by Waterford for the Millenium New Year's Eve celebration  in Times Square. Master craftsmen starting a piece of Waterford crystal.  The entire process is done by hand--piece by piece.
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Working with the mixture of sand, lead and potash transformed by fire into sparkling crystal. The glass-blowers require great skill to create walls of the right thickness to take the heavy incisions typical of Waterford Crystal.
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The original glass factory was founded in 1783.  Taxes caused the firm to close in 1851.  A new factory was opened in 1947. Marking the crystal for the engravers.
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Waterford Crystal that could be purchased. Special pieces made by the master craftsmen.
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The final phase of the crystal--the engravers etching the glass.  These craftsmen study 5 to 10 years to become master craftsmen.  Each craftsman can identify his own work.  They memorize the particular patterns. A magnificent piece on display in the Waterford Crystal Factory showroom.  A globe of the world with the space shuttle on the top.