March 26 2001

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Rock of Cashel --- This rocky stronghold, as seen from the road, rises dramatically out of the Tipperary plain. It was a symbol of royal amd priestly power for more than a millennium. From the 5th century on it was the seat of the Kings of Munster. In 1101, they handed Cashel over to the Church, and it flourished as a religious center until a siege by a Cromwellian army in 1847 culminated in the massacre of its 3000 occupants.
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Looking the other way from the road. Area where St. Patrick's Cross was located.
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Inside Cormac's Chapel--Romanesque architecture Outside walls
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Note the Celtic crosses in graveyard View from grounds of the Rock of Cashel
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The O'Scully Monument, a memorial erected in 1870 North Transept of the Cathedral
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Looking from the Rock of Cashel toward the ruins of Hore Abbey Gothic designs
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Ruins of Hore Abbey (1272) from the Rock of Cashel Cathedral--roofless Gothic with thick walls & hidden passages
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Gothic Cathedral--North Transcept Diagram of Cathedral
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Gothic door to Cathedral St. Patrick's Cross  - The carving on the east face of this cross is said to be of St. Patrick, who visited Cashel in 450.
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St. Patrick's Cross moved into the museum in 1982.