Bunraddy Castle Medieval Banquet, Ennis
March 26, 2001

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Dining table in a farmhouse in Bunratty Folk Park where 19th century Irish life it recreated. Rooks' nests in trees in Bunratty Folk Park.  When nests are high in the trees like this, it means it will be a good summer.
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More rooks' nests.  If they nest down near the middle of the trees, then it is a sign of a bad summer. At BunraddyCastle, costumed minstrels play in the Great Hall where we are welcomed with a glass of  mead before dinner.
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Bunraddy, built in the 15th century, was abandoned last century and was in ruins.  Lord Gort bought it in the 1950's and it has been  restored to its original state. Bunraddy Great Hall--Large tapestry hanging in the Great Hall.
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A large tapestry on the opposite wall in the Great Hall. Upon entering the Great Hall, Irish lasses greet the guests 19th century style.
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A warm Irish welcome, 19th century style, consisting of traditional Irish music, song, story telling and dance, and a medieval meal. Colorful entertainment enacting notable episodes from Ireland's past.
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The Shannon Singers performing for us before dinner in the Great Hall. The Master of Ceremonies in the Minstrels' Gallery in the Main Guard room where the medieval-style banquet was held.  A gate in the corner of this room gave instant access to the dungeons.
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Lady Josephine, the server for our table at the medieval banquet.