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The first two pictures are of the Cross at the Valley of the Fallen outside the city of El Escorial. The Cross is 150m(490ft) high. The third picture is blured from moving the camera but is retained to show the size of the basilica(250m (820ft) deep).:

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Picture four is in the basilica look back to the third door. This door was to keep the basilica shorter than St.Peters. Picture five is looking at altar from the same spot as picture four. P6 is of a side altar.

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Next to the basilica's high altar is the plain white tombstone of Franco(P7). P8 & P9 are part of the ceiling in the basilica.;

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P10 & P11 are again of the basilica ceiling. P12 is look back to the third door. ;

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P13 is the altar in the side room. Behind this altar are the tombs of 10,000 soldiers( from the book) or more than 47,000 soldiers( from the guide) from both side in the Spanish civil war. P14 is the ceiling in this room. P15 is again the basilica dome ceiling. No flash was permitted in the basilica.;

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P16 is upper part of a side altar. P17 & P18 are monuments to the fallen soldiers, one for each side.;

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P19 is the outside door of basilica. P20 & P21 are pictures of the Royal Palace in Madrid and the cathedral of Nuestra Senora de la Almudena..;